Bijagua and Río Celeste - Land of Volcanoes, Rain Forest, and Memorable Experiences.



Bijagua offers a great variety of activities that interact with nature. Bijagua is tropical and cloudy forest, coexistence with animals that have inhabited this land for centuries; trails in the primary forest, plenty of birds and hybrid resources, beautiful waterfalls, and wonderful baths in any of the natural pools created by these bluelight rivers. The 45,474 acres of Tenorio volcano and the 10,453 acres of the Miravalles Volcano embrace each morning with sunrises and sunsets worthy to be contemplated from each part of Bijagua. Nature is the place where our souls go free.


Immersed in a town with only 5000 residents, sustainability responds to the order of natural life, where this rural community gives support to each other and makes community unions not only related to the economy but also to nature. Conscious of the effort that requires sticking with sustainability practices between us, we are a tourism chamber with a vision to generate and commit to hosting a conscious, social and responsible tourism.


Bijagua is a community where humble and serene people live, who have that authenticity and kindness from the countryside. Their people and their traditions make this place an opportunity to create businesses related to tourism. Strengthening and supporting all together, we are building a local, and sustainable economy. The Bijagueño talent is distinguished and accepted by national and international tourists who look to connect with this region, traditionally called the “North Road” of the country.

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We are here to promote responsible tourism and encourage micro and medium entrepreneurs to work together and respect sustainability among all of us. We invite you to join us to contribute and achieve the creation of a good quality tourist destination with a low impact that permits a connection between humans and their nature; flora and fauna an integral attraction that benefits all of us.



In Bijagua and Rio Celeste area, you can find different options for accommodation for all budgets. You will be surprised by the variety and good quality of hotels and inns which are ready to welcome you with a pleasant stay and high standards of services.

Food and beverage

We have a wide variety of family restaurants where everybody can share and glee about high-level installations and infrastructure. Some restaurants have views of volcanoes and various specialties. All of them with good taste!



Bijagua and Rio Celeste destinations, have a wealth of activities and experiences for everybody, adults, and kids. Fun is guaranteed. Trails, hanging bridges, waterfalls, inns, slow and active rivers for exploring, chocolate tours, traditional cooking lessons, and many more! What are you waiting for?

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Privilege zone

Bijagua is a district, part of Upala, which is the third canton of Alajuela province. It is located in the privileged Tenorio-Miravalles biological corridor, which has a unique flora and fauna, and a microclimate that helps land to be more fertilized and this has all the minerals necessary for diverse agriculture of fruits, grains, vegetables, and some plants with an ancestral value, and important nutritional properties. Land of volcanoes, rivers, and forests.

Volcanoes in the area

Close to three of the most important volcanoes in Costa Rica: Miravalles, Rincón de la Vieja and Tenorio


Bijagua and Rio Celeste have a lot of primary and secondary forests for conservation. We have a wide variety of birds, flora, and fauna, those endemic to the region.

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